The Importance of the Youth in the Church

The youth in the church plays a vital role and it’s important for them to be engaged in their faith. There are many reasons why we need to make sure they know how much we love them, but most importantly because Christ loves them even more than we do. Our goal should be that not just preaching at our children, but also listening to what they have to say and giving advice on how they can grow their faith, will help us build up the next generation of believers.

The youth in the church are often overlooked and not taken seriously. They’re told to go sit down while they watch their parents’ generation work;

They’re given a small budget and asked to raise funds for the event; and they’re only allowed to give feedback after the plan is set. But it’s time we stop ignoring them! If we want our churches, schools, organizations, etc. to grow, then we need our young people involved! There are many ways you can make your congregation more welcoming of young adults:

By having them lead worship on Sundays (instead of just Sundays), giving them leadership roles on committees or boards (instead of one day a month), assigning mentorships with different age brackets.

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